~HeLeN~ said...

she is seriously like the cutest little girl i've seen in a LONG time!!!!! next time you are here Linda, we should all get together for a park playdate/picnic!!!

Mom2My6Kids said...

Hi Miss Lauren! You really are the prettiest baby ever!

To your mommy,now: Linda, this is Lyle's cousin Laurie. I'm the one who called you to get your information for Grandma's book. I have been sick since the reunion thinking that I didn't get the chance to visit with you more. I'm so sorry. There just wasn't enough time and too many places for my little ones to wander off to. My brain was a little scattered that day. So, now that I've found this blog, I'm hoping you'll forgive my rudeness and we can keep in touch more. I have a blog but it's private so if you'll email me ay mom2my6kids@yahoo.com I'll send you an invite. I really love blogging for this reason, I love finding family and getting to know them better. It erases the distance and time between visits. Hope to hear from you soon! And tell your cute Hubby hello. I didn't get to visit with him much either. I really messed that one up. I'm so sorry!